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The Deva Clinique team has over 13 years of experience in running research and implementation of stem cell treatment techniques.

Deva Clinique’s mission is to improve the quality of patients’ life without changing their lifestyle.

Our stem cell treatment methods for Crohn’s disease and diabetes mellitus, as well as their use in plastic surgery, were recognized by leading stem cell professionals at Stem Cell Summit 2017 and 2018 in Boston (USA).

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Appreciate not labels
But the presence of
Every living being
On Earth.
Then both your life and health
Will be fine.
I wish you joy in a journey through life!

Vasyl Mosiychuk, Ph.D.
Founder and owner of Deva Clinique
Василий Мосийчук, Ph.D.
Our experts

Our Team

Volodymyr Hritsyk
Neurologist. Neurosurgeon.
Higher qualification category.
Specialist in regenerative medicine and stem cells technologies.
Gennadii Bondariev
Orthopaedist-traumatologist, cell technology specialist, age manager, transplant coordinator.
Member of the international association of orthopaedic traumatilogists SICOT.
Deputy chairman of the board of the interventional Orthopedics Association
Larysa Nifontova
Endocrinologist, pediatric endocrinologist, honored doctor of Ukraine of the highest category.
Author of a patent on the use of pump therapy for young children and more than 30 scientific publications.
Bohdan Tkach
Head of the Scientific and Practical Center of Neuropsychology and Psychosomatics
MD, Founder of the Ukrainian Scientific School of Neuropsychology. Clinical professor of neuropsychology, Dr.Sc in psychology (medical psychology), senior researcher. Senior researcher at G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine.
Vitalii Lunov
Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Clinical Professor of Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychoanalysis, Honorary Doctor of Psychology and Public Health (Oxford, Great Britain), PhD in Psychology, Clinical Psychologist, Master of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Associate Professor of the Department of General and Medical Psychology of the Bogomolets National Medical University.
Evgeny Kolesnikov
Professor, Department of General and Emergency Surgery NMAPE them. P.L. Shupika.
Elena Kuznetsova
Chief Chemical Technologist
Roman Olifirenko


Plastic surgery
Plastic surgery
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Vascular surgery
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Laparoscopic surgery
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