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Effective and safe method of any body zone rejuvenation at Deva Clinique
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Deva Clinique’s lipofilling procedure is a good alternative to plastic surgery because it offers an effective and safe way of any body zone rejuvenation.

At the first stage of the lipofilling procedure, the patient adipose tissue is extracted. At the second stage, the biomaterial is processed adipose tissue is cleansed, homogenized, and enriched with stem cells, HP extract, or preparations from the patient’s own blood plasma (PRP).

Lipofilling +

Such a technology for preparing a fat transplant using amino acids, enzymes, microelements, and a number of unique biologically active regulatory proteins allows not only to achieve visual plastic correction of the desired body area but also to renew the cellular composition of the entire body that brings about true rejuvenation. The enrichment part of the process ensures 85-95% of the fat transplant volume stay thus making procedure precise and predictable.

Indications for lipofilling

Lipofilling +

The Lipofilling+ procedure is appropriate for patients aged 25+ when the natural aging processes start in the body. First of all, they are visible on the face and hands. In addition to obvious age-related changes, this procedure eliminates congenital and post-traumatic defects in the soft tissues that result in wrinkles, scars and folds in any area of the body.

At Deva Clinique, this procedure is used for:

  1. modeling of the oval of the face, shape of the lower jaw
  2. correction of nasolabial folds and nasolacrimal fissures
  3. modeling the shape of the chin and cheekbones
  4. volumization of the temporal regions, periorbital zone (lower eyelids, sunken upper eyelids, superciliary arches)
  5. modeling the contour and size of the lips
  6. correction of age-related changes in earlobes, hands, atrophic/retracted, post-acne, post-burn, traumatic scars and contractures
  7. secondary correction of irregularities after liposuction
  8. correction of the curved legs
  9. improving the contours of the legs and hips
  10. butt or breast increase
  11. contour plastic of the intimate zone of women (large labia, vagina, G-spot).


The Lipofilling+ advantages at Deva Clinique

Lipofilling+ is the only effective way of cosmetic rejuvenation in a natural way, which is based on the use of the patient’s own tissues rather than artificial implants. It helps mitigate the risks of allergic effects and rejection of the introduced tissue are minimized – 85-95% of the transplanted biomaterial survives in the injection zone.

Moreover, effect of volumetric modeling and rejuvenation of the face and body persists for 3-5 years without an annual correction, in contrast to fillers (6-12 months).

For lipofilling, Deva Clinique employs special surgical instruments from the American company Tulip Medical with NanoFat technology and special CellFriendly coating for working with stem cells.

The NanoFat technology help us create the necessary customized consistency of the preparation that is not visible after the procedure even if a patient has thin skin.

Also, Deva Clinique professionals have access to their own certified laboratory and cryobank the power of which allows creating an improved fat transplant that has no analogs.

The Lipofilling+ technique in Deva Clinique allows:

  • controlling the addition of stem cells (mesenchymal or fibroblasts) and growth factors (HP extract or PRP of own blood plasma) to achieve a powerful anti-aging and regenerative process
  • achieving absolute safety and biocompatibility
  • improving the structure of the entire tissue array due to specialized stem cells
  • accelerating recovery after surgery due the introduction of stem cells and HP extract into adipose tissue
  • model the necessary zones with maximum accuracy


Can Lipofilling+ be combined with other surgeries?

At Deva Clinique, lipofilling is performed both as separate surgery and in combination with other methods for complete rejuvenation the body.

This procedure is advisable when performing liposuction since a plastic surgeon can simultaneously remove excess adipose tissue in one area and transplant into another. A combination of Lipofilling+ with laser rejuvenation techniques, mesotherapy, and RF lifting is also effective.


Lipofilling+ for face and neck

Deva Clinique uses Lipofilling+ in combination with the innovative lipographt technique to rejuvenate and correct face and neck defects. It helps align the contours of the face, correct  asymmetries, fill in the voids under the eyes, enlarge the lips, malar regions, chin, adjust age-related changes in the face, neck, and earlobes.

Lipografting also eliminates a number of aesthetic disadvantages: drooping eyebrows, fuzzy contour of the lower jaw, loose jowls.

When a point plastic correction of a certain area of the face is necessary, the lipographt method is optimal.

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Hands rejuvenation

The hand skin is the first thing that tells the age of a woman. To rejuvenate this area, injections with hyaluronic acid or laser resurfacing are often used. They only temporarily mask cosmetic defects.

We offer a natural way of brush rejuvenation Lipofilling+ in combination with HP extract or PRP plasmolifting.

Thin modeling with a patient’s own fat allows not only to even out the relief, improve the color and structure of the skin, but also make the hands look exactly like at a young age.


Lipofilling+ of intimate zone

Lipofilling of the intimate zone is one of the most effective and progressive methods that simultaneously solve many problems.

This procedure can help change the size and fullness of the labia majora, the configuration of the vestibule of the vagina, eliminate atrophic changes in the intimate zone, increase the elasticity and sensitivity of the vagina, improve zones of increased sensitivity G-spot, narrow the entrance to the vagina that increases excitability and provides a greater number of orgasms. To feel the first outcome, one procedure is enough.

The maximum effect is achieved within a few weeks.


Recovery after lipofilling

The lipofilling procedure is minimally invasive and atraumatic. It is performed under local anesthesia, but at the request of the patient, intravenous anesthesia is possible. The rehabilitation period after the procedure takes only a few days. Depending on the size and areas of manipulation, insignificant postoperative edema and hematomas can develop within a week.

Full recovery after lipofilling and the maximum effect is achieved in a month, when a natural fat transplant sprouts with blood vessels and the cells begin to receive the necessary nutrition.

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