Laboratory Complex

Immunological, Biotechnology and PCR Laboratories
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The laboratory complex includes immunological, biotechnological, and PCR laboratories and is located in the closed area of the Deva Clinique medical center

Availability of our laboratory complex allows the clinic professionals to conduct research, develop new stem cell therapies, and study patients’ immunity.


Deva Clinique’s laboratories are equipped with modern high-tech equipment that allows us to provide services at the international level:

  • high speed of research
  • all necessary pre-procedure tests are carried out in the laboratory complex of Deva Clinique and can be available to the physician as soon as possible after patients do the test
  • fast transportation of biomaterial samples
  • samples of biomaterials do not leave the territory of the medical center reducing the damage risk during transportation from patient to laboratory
  • confidentiality preservation



In the laboratory complex, stem cells undergo:

  1. infection control
  2. assessment of the number and viability of cord blood stem cells by specific markers (CD34 and CD45)
  3. verification of mesenchymal stem cells by specific markers (CD73, CD90, and CD105), as well as analysis of other cell types


PCR Laboratory


The PCR laboratory of Deva Clinique deals with molecular genetic research.

A polymerase chain reaction is the main method that helps obtain the most reliable information. The laboratory is aimed at the diagnosis of infectious pathologies and the identification of a genetic predisposition to certain diseases.

Biological fluids and tissues (blood, mucus, sputum, urine, scraping of epithelial cells, etc.) are used as the test material. The PCR studies are carried out in the field of infectious and genetic disease diagnostics.

They help timely detect various kinds of mutations and genetic defects.


Biotechnology Laboratory


The Deva Clinique’s biotechnology laboratory specialists develop and introduce new products for regenerative medicine based on various stem cell types.

In addition, the biotechnological laboratory of Deva Clinique can conduct specific studies:

  • cytological studies
  • karyotype studies
  • assessment of stem cell ability to transform into cells of different tissues

The laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge equipment from leading manufacturers (USA, Germany):

  • flow cytometer which allows determining the stem cell viability and number. This device can also help assess the patient’s immune status
  • incubators with the pre-set atmosphere and temperature
  • special software freezers and cryostorages
  • laminar boxes for sterile work


Immunological Laboratory


Deva Clinique’s immunological laboratory provides sample preparation and immunoassays by flow cytometry at Attune NtX apparatus.

The method allows studying the cell immunity of our patients, evaluating the effectiveness of therapy in immunodeficiency states, identifying and estimating the cell number of different types.

The Abacus 5 hem analyzer allows determining up to 26 parameters of a clinical blood test for different age groups.

In the laboratory, immunomodulating therapy regimens are being developed with the subsequent selection of medicines, individual immunological correction programs.


In parallel, experimental studies are conducted with various cell cultures and their effects on the body.

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