Biotechnical laboratory

Main laboratory activities:

Researches in genetic engineering. We are actively working on the search for new ways of synthesis of physiologically active substances. For this purpose we synthesize nucleotides, nucleosides and peptides. We develop special tests for diagnostics of DNA mutations directly related to thrombophilia and other disorders.

At Deva Clinique biotechnical laboratory we develop new techniques of transplantation and regenerative therapy using stem cells recovered from umbilical cord blood.

Using the latest achievements in biotechnology and state-of-the-art equipment we can diagnose:

— cardiovascular system diseases on early stages,

— oncology diseases by special oncomarkers,

— immunity-related diseases.

Now even a simple blood test can be used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease instantly by means of biotechnologies. And it is just a small part of things which medical biotechnology is capable of.

At the biotechnical laboratory we use the following test methods:

  • Synthesis, process of optimization and stabilization, and comprehensive analysis of genes of special-purpose proteins.
  • Method of cloning on the molecular level.
  • Microscopic examination of proteins using fluorescent substances.
  • Other methods of influencing protein preparations for the determination of the admixtures content and efficiency of end products.
  • Real-time polymerase chain reaction method.

Benefits of Deva Clinique biotechnical laboratory:

  • Quick testing

All tests are made on the territory of Deva Clinique health center and can be reviewed by an attending doctor within a few hours after being taken.

  • Fast transporting of biomaterial samples

All biomaterial samples stay within our health center which reduces the risk of damaging them during transportation from a patient to the laboratory.

Equipment, requirements and standards of the biotechnical laboratory:

Our laboratory is provided with the state-of-the-art equipment manufactures in USA and other countries:

  • Laser centrifuge for separation of stem cells.
  • Flow cytometer for determination of stem cell viability and quantity. This device also allows assessing a patient’s immune status.
  • DNA sequencer.
  • Polymerase chain reaction device.
  • Incubators.
  • Special program freezers, etc.
Which specific tests can be conducted at the biotechnical laboratory:
  • Beochemical tests;
  • Cytological tests;
  • Hormonal tests;
  • Serologic tests;
  • Haemostasis tests;
  • Tumor marker tests;
  • Rheumatoid tests;
  • PCR diagnostics of infections.

Speaking about special researches conducted at the biotechnical laboratory we can mention growing of real skin there.



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