Blepharoplasty (eyelids plastic surgery)

In modern world beauty has become one of the main criteria of personal success. The majority of negative factors in ambient and working environment can destroy the beauty of the most attractive people.

The face skin has become more sensitive, especially around the eye. It can quickly loose its elasticity and beauty due to the sun radiation, poor quality of water, polluted air. Many pharmaceutical companies offer effective and affordable products but they do not produce desired effect.

One of the most effective and affordable ways to restore one’s beauty is surgery. Blepharoplasty has become particularly popular in recent years. It is eyelids plastic surgery procedure chosen by the most successful people all over the world.

What is blepharoplasty?

Unlike many other procedures blepharoplasty is a type of plastic surgery allowing to conceal almost any visual blemishes. This plastic surgery can be carried out on the lower and upper eyelids separately or it may be a combined procedure affecting both anatomical areas.

This surgery procedure allows correcting nearly everything: remove fat pads, bags under eyes, remove neoplasms, etc. If you want to change your appearance dramatically the eyelids plastic surgery allows changing eye shape, eyelids shape and reducing particular folds.

Many cosmetologists and aesthetic surgery specialists recommend this surgical procedure for removal of deep wrinkles and other signs of aging. In general if you are not satisfied with how your eyelids look and you feel they cannot be corrected without surgery then the blepharoplasty procedure is what you need.

Blepharoplasty types

You should understand that there are several types of surgical procedures aimed at the correction of eyes area. People often choose more “radical” surgeries affecting large areas but such manipulations increase the risk of postoperative complications, and – which is logical – such surgeries should be carried out only at specialized clinics.

If you want an extensive surgery then Deva Clinique will be the best option for you. Specialists of Deva Clinique point out that they have managed to achieve an extremely low rate of postoperative complications after blepharoplasty procedures due to the use of the state-of-the-art equipment and new treatment methods.

Generally, aesthetic restoration of skin around eyelids can be divided into several categories:

  • Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids (upper blepharoplasty) is intended to remove redundant skin from the upper eyelid. An external cut is hidden in natural eyelid creases which almost completely conceal it;
  • Plastic surgery of lower eyelids (lower blepharoplasty) helps to hide swelling, bags and deep wrinkles; and access for surgery can be obtained externally and via inner cuts;
  • Circular eyelid correction combines two mentioned above types of surgery;
  • Transconjunctival blepharoplasty is a type of lower eyelid plastic surgery which differs in the location of a surgical cut as it is done from the internal side of an eyelid.

As you can see, the range of plastic correction options is enough to make each patient comfortable and take into account their individual characteristics. Additionally, there are alternative treatment options involving the laser technologies and stem cells enhanced lipofilling. It allows minimizing the cut and operating faster and more efficiently.

What is needed to start eyelids plastic surgery?

Of course, every woman and even man are willing to be beautiful, so when necessary they seek assistance of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. If you need help of this kind, you should comprehend that you will look in completely different way.

If you have not made up your mind yet about what you want to change you should have an initial consultation with a surgeon of Deva Clinique. You can discuss every detail of a planned surgery, the results you want to achieve and many other matters. After that, you will be provided with additional information regarding the surgery type, its duration and more.

Your next step will be passing through the pre-surgical tests and corresponding preparations. Although blepharoplasty as any other type of blepharoplasty belongs to low-traumatic surgeries the risks of postoperative complications still remains.

Besides, during discussion and consultation the cost of surgery is announced approximately as further pharmacological support or any other kind of support may be required in the course of surgery or within the postoperative period. It is advised to expect that the final amount will exceed the initially announced one by 10-15% so you will not get into financial predicament by extra price. You can learn more details from your doctor.

Special aspects of post-surgery period

The completion of surgery is an important step of treatment but you should understand that several subsequent weeks are of no less importance for your beauty. The problem is that the healing processes can be disturbed by the incorrect handling of bandage and due to a number of other reasons. This is why it is required to follow the doctor’s advice.

Usually a patient is observed by a doctor for at least one day after surgery and  in most cases the patient is discharged from the clinic on the next working day. As mentioned above, the sterile bandages are applied to the eyes to protect the cut from dirt, dust. It should be handled carefully to avoid problems in future.

The closed blepharoplasty is considered to be the most atraumatic (safe) method of surgery performed via the extremely small cuts of even without making any cuts. Unfortunately, the cost of these methods as well as the requirements to the surgeon are slightly higher but this kind of surgery is always available in Deva Clinique, one of the best clinics in the country!

Important to remember

Before “constructing” your eyelids or restoring the natural beauty of your eyes you need proper preparation. You have to prepare yourself to surgery mentally, agree upon all details and matters with your doctor so that treatment and recovery would be as smooth and painless as possible.

Remember that there are some contraindications for such surgery which will be described to you in detail by your doctor. The most frequently observed contraindications are neoplastic process, blood disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

Your doctor will ask you questions about all these details in the course of initial examination and you shall not conceal anything as in this case you will be risking your health and life. Choose the best specialists in Deva Clinique and people around you and the whole world will be eclipsed by your beauty! Blepharoplasty is a key to beautiful eyes!



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