Cosmetology procedures

Over the last decades the cosmetology procedures have made a big leap forward as a huge number of women want to preserve their beauty forever. There are quite a few procedures which can conceal undesirable skin changes caused by specific physiological precesses that occur in the human body.

Features of modern cosmetology development

For centuries humanity has been using various plant components to correct skin changes caused by aging. Today, almost all cosmetologists use different pharmaceutical products and compounds able to penetrate into definite skin layers and influence positively on the target level.

Indeed, such procedures can make the skin more beautiful but also have a number of disadvantages:

  • Insufficient penetration to the deep skin layers;
  • Unequal and weak effect;
  • Used pharmaceuticals can be unsuitable for skin care.

Therefore various complications and unpleasant consequences occur. Deva Clinique specialists have been among the first ones in Kyiv to use the state-of-the-art products and procedures for cosmetic rejuvenation.

Currently our team is one of few practicing the most recent techniques of cosmetic treatment based on systemic enzyme therapy. Only the best health institutions are licensed to perform it.

What is systemic enzyme therapy?

Almost all biochemical processes in our body are controlled by enzymes and enzyme systems. Enormous progress in medical researches let dermatologists and cosmetologists detect a number of active compounds which can enhance skin regeneration capabilities.

Such enzymes were carefully tested before release to the healthcare market. The testing has demonstrated fantastic results which are unachievable by any other method. In general, there is a number of enzyme therapy directions but the most popular are:

  • Evacuderm (DMK) program
  • Hydrodermaze (DMK) program
  • Aesthetic face correction by “Dysport” injections
  • Systemic enzyme facial therapy
  • Systemic enzyme body therapy
  • Revitalizing mask (postoperative care)
  • Contouring of the nasolabial folds
  • Lips contouring
  • Malar region contouring
  • Injection intimate plasty
  • Deep 4D lifting (ligature lifting)

All these methods make caring about the skin on your face, neck and other areas really simple and effective. Experience has proven that the procedures intended for eyes, lips and belly are especially useful as the most noticeable changes are observed there.

Bioactive substances are delivered by targeted injections which volume is calculated during a thorough examination. Certainly, this field is extremely difficult to work in but Deva Clinique specialists have the relevant expertise for it.

How does treatment at Deva Clinique work?

After scheduling an initial consultation with our specialists for a date and time convenient for you our doctor will answer all your questions during a visit. Besides, at this moment a scope of cosmetic operations and a pharmaceutical will be determined to ensure the best therapy results.



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