Evacuderm (DMK) program

At Deva Clinique health center you can take advantage of a unique Evacuderm (DMK) program to get an ideal facial skin tone, make the skin look shiny and flawless.

Evacuderm is a special cosmetic pharmaceutical able to restore skin pigmentation process to normal and give the skin a smooth and glowing appearance. It was specially created for removal of old pigment spots originated from hormonal disorders or such diseases as acne, exposure to UV, physical injuries, negative impact of chemicals and medications. Evacuderm was developed for all skin types excluding those cases when a person has olive skin from birth which conceals pigmentation.

Which problems can Evacuderm (DMK) program deal with?

By means of Evacuderm (DMK) program we can deal with the skin problems caused by aging changes and other negative effects.

  • excess dryness;
  • absence of elasticity and skin laxity;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • deep wrinkles;
  • hyperkeratosis and scarring.

How is the treatment under Evacuderm (DMK) program carried out:

The program includes two procedures performed with a 2 days interval. For Evacuderm procedure no special preparation is required. In the course of the first procedure a dermatologist applies Pro Alpha serum onto the cleansed facial skin. A patient can feel tightness and burning while the pharmaceutical is being applied. But soon these feelings will be gone.

After the pharmaceutical has been applied it stays in place for at least 12 hours. As a result the skin will look fresh. Although some flushing can occur but it subsides quickly. On the first day after serum application it is necessary to observe all cosmetologist’s recommendations relating to facial skin care at home.

The second procedure takes place in 2 days after enzymatic serum application. A cosmetologist performs a cleansing peeling procedure to remove the remaining dead cells and waste fully. Melanoplex drops impede the process of excessive melanin pigment production and soothe irritation.

Then enzyme therapy takes place to recover lost skin functions, cleanse it from toxins and waste, imbue the skin tissues with strength and health. At the end of the procedure a cosmetologist applies a line of products included to DMK program one by one in order to deliver all necessary nutrients deep into skin cells.

After Evacuderm procedure a dermatologist will tell you in detail how you should care about your skin to preserve the achieved results for a long period.

Procedure duration: 

Evacuderm program includes 2 procedures performed with an interval of 2 days. Each procedure takes 45 to 60 minutes.

Result of Evacuderm (DMK) program procedures:

Evacuderm program was developed to improve and restore the healthy appearance of the facial skin. However, the final result depends on many factors: individual skin type, skin condition, patient’s physiological features, presence or absence of chronic diseases, etc.

You will experience the following positive results:

  • Lifted and fresh skin.
  • Reduction of mimic wrinkles number.
  • Even skin tone.
  • Absence of scars and hyperkeratosis.

Some patients need only one treatment course under Evacuderm program while for others it is required to repeat the procedure several times.



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