Face and body revitalization

Revitalization is a technique of face and body skin rejuvenation.

All women want to stay young and beautiful forever. Alas, as the years go by the skin looses its unique properties, especially in the facial area. Modern cosmetology offers dozens of ways to rejuvenate skin from simple pharmaceutical products to plastic surgery.

Revitalization, a reliable and affordable method of skin refreshing by injections, has been developed relatively recently. Over a short period it proved to be a successful technique in many countries, and now revitalization can be performed in Kyiv.

What is revitalization (biorevitalization)?

Despite this procedure has a quite confusing name its nature is simple – the skin is supplied with a number of biological substances which enhance regenerative processes in the skin layers.

Injection revitalization of the face, lips and eyelids skin has become one of the first methods involving hyaluronic acid injections. This component is necessary for the body to facilitate the generation of collagen and elastic fibers which are responsible for a fresh look of the skin.

There are several types of this procedure:

  • Preventive;
  • Injections (treatment);
  • Hardware (laser).

At Deva Clinique we carry out all types of biorevitalization procedure including new techniques using exclusive placental extract promoting tissue regeneration.  Deva Clinique is the only health center in Ukraine which performs such procedures using placental extract and each patient achieves fabulous results that otherwise are practically impossible to achieve.

At Deva Clinique the following procedures using exclusive placental extract can be performed:

  • Face and neck revitalization 
  • Hair follicles revitalization

How is skin revitalization procedure carried out?

It is a common practice for Ukraine when the most complex procedures are performed by ordinary cosmetologists and other unqualified personnel. Such approach is not tolerated at Deva Clinique. Each patient is treated by an experienced dermatologist who has sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical skill and gained vast experience in this area.

First, a doctor inspects the skin, defines the troublesome and defective areas, discusses the desired result with a patient. In the course of a consultation a used pharmaceutical substance, its concentration, method for delivering it to a corrected area, and many other factors are determined. After the preparation stage the necessary injections and procedures are made in sterile conditions.

Important features of face and neck skin revitalization

Many patients are afraid of injection therapy and reject it completely. All these fears are groundless as they are imaginary.

The injection itself causes almost no pain so medications are hardly ever used to produce anesthesia. Of course, if a patient has a low pain threshold it is possible to apply salves and other medications minimizing discomfort.

It is necessary to understand that hyaluronic acid and other compounds which are injected subcutaneously do not trigger the immune response and are familiar to our body.

There are quite a few feedbacks on the Internet telling about allergic reactions and alternative complications that have occurred after this procedure. They can be caused due to two main reasons:

  • failure to observe the sterile conditions and process of manipulations;
  • use of poor quality (“contaminated”) compound which particular components can trigger the immune response.

When revitalization is performed at Deva Clinique any problems are fully avoided. For this procedure only high quality brand name pharmaceuticals are used but not their analogues. The cosmetologists are highly qualified and experienced specialists who make zero mistakes.

Another common fear is the probability of post-injection scaring or traces. Remember that each injection is made with special thin needles produced for this procedure. In addition every injection is made into a natural crease concealing such defects.

Indeed, in order to achieve the best quality and effect of revitalization the indications for and its scope should be determined in advance. If you want to avoid injections an injection free procedure is available which is carried out using special laser equipment.

Which parts of body and face can undergo revitalization?

Patients often wonder which areas can undergo revitalization. In fact, there are no limitations as collagen and hyaluronic acid are contained in every skin portion. One of factors preventing people from undergoing this procedure is its price so they typically choose biorevitalization of:

  • entire face or eyelids, lips;
  • scalp area;
  • neck;
  • décolleté area;
  • arms.

As mentioned before, the therapy involves a course of procedures which allows to achieve the best results. At Deva Clinique each doctor defines the areas of greatest concern and the indications for skin rejuvenation.

Also, after the course you will have to take care of your rejuvenated skin properly. A Deva Clinique specialist will provide you with a number of recommendations you will need to follow, but the main ones are:

  • do not touch your skin;
  • completely avoid using makeup during the recovery period;
  • avoid visiting sauna and solarium;
  • limit physical activity.

In general, these restrictions are temporary but the outcome will compensate all spent time and effort. You can be sure at Deva Clinique you will be provided with the top quality health services which result will impress not only you but also the people around you.

Every patient of Deva Clinique has a unique chance to undergo the sensational medical procedures performed only at the world’s best clinics. Please, contact us right now to learn more details about our capabilities!



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