Face contour correction (facelift SMAS plane technique)

Face contour correction or facelift is a plastic surgery procedure aimed at removal of skin aging (wrinkles, folds, sagging, fat deposits). After this procedure a person looks 10-15 years younger. The procedure is quite complicated and recommended for the persons over 40. Before resorting to surgical methods of face contour correction doctors advice to use noninvasive methods such as botox, laser dermabrasion, bioreinforcement, PRP therapy, etc.

Some information about face contour correction:

The most popular face contour correction types are the following:

  • Circular lifting.
  • Lifting of the upper face part with endoscopic eyebrows correction.
  • Lifting of the middle face part.
  • Lifting of the lower face part with removal of fat tissue in the chic area.

In aesthetic plastic surgery the circular face correction is considered one of the most complex surgeries. The procedure includes several stages:

  • The marking for future cuts is applied.
  • Hair is removed from the cut lines, incisions are made with a scalpel.
  • Tissues are detached by means of special tools.
  • All bleeding vessels are securely coagulated.
  • Excess skin is determined and removed starting from the ear area.
  • Temporary stitches are put on all affected spots.
  • The edges of cuts are closed and sutured with layer-by-layer sutures.
  • A drain tube is inserted.
  • After surgery a special mask is applied to the patient’s face and the patient is transferred to a ward.

Preparation to face contour correction surgery:

Patient preoperative preparation to face plastic surgery includes the general clinical examination. In the course of this examination patient’s blood and urine will be taken for all necessary tests, ECG will be done. Patient’s blood is investigated for infections and viruses, its coagulation rate and Rh factor are determined. A patient should inform a doctor about all taken medicines and stop taking medicines affecting the blood clotting ability 2 weeks prior to surgery.

It is also necessary to have an additional consultation with an anesthesiologist. It is required for a patient to stop smoking several months before surgery. The purposes and desired surgery results are discussed with a patient.

Procedure/surgery duration: 3 hours

Anesthesia: deep local or general anesthesia

Postoperative period:

After surgery a patient will stay at the clinic for 1-2 day. Slight discomfort can be felt immediately after surgery. A face-lift bandage is applied. Face swelling can occur and will be gradually increasing for 4 days but then it will subside. In one week after surgery small bruising can occur. They will subsequently disappear without any treatment. Often in order to shorten the treatment period doctors prescribe physiotherapy or other therapeutic programs facilitating tissue healing.

It is allowed to use cosmetics not earlier then in 3 weeks after surgery. A patient can evaluate the final result only in 4 months after surgery.

A patient is also prescribed a vitamin diet, walking in the fresh air, taking multivitamins and calcium. Any intense physical activity, sports, fatigue, sleep loss are prohibited during a month after surgery. To heal the tissues the doctor can prescribe physiotherapy procedures.



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