Hardware cosmetology

Ukraine is one of countries where the most beautiful women live. Unfortunately aging is a merciless process and the skin on the face, neck and other areas eventually looses its elasticity and beauty. Modern healthcare offers many methods of face and body rejuvenation and recovery of one’s natural beauty.

Lately hadrware cosmetology has become one of the most effective methods. It combines hardware techniques and pharmacology support. It is used for correction of a great number of defects which could represent a problem just a few years ago.

What is hadrware cosmetology?

In this branch of healthcare engineering solutions are used along with pharmacology developments. Hadrware cosmetology is a special method of dermatologic manipulations carried out using highly specialized equipment.

Generally, this branch is divided into several which are actively used in Deva Clinique. They are:

  • Lymphatic drainage;
  • Combined facial skin cleansing;
  • Electromyostimulation;
  • Treatment of pigment spots;
  • Ultrasonic face cleansing.

In fact the application range of these procedures is nearly unlimited. They can be used to improve the body, neck, eyelids, skin under the eyes, etc. Treatment effect is achieved in several ways but mainly through the physical influence of various fields.

One of the main physical phenomena used in cosmetology is body galvanization which involves low amperage current and low voltage application for stimulation of anatomical structures. Even stronger effect can be achieved by using special treatment cosmetic products that are delivered to the deep skin layers under the influence of physical phenomena.

Field of hadrware cosmetology application

Many patients think that cosmetology as a science is focused on concealing defects of the skin, neck and other areas. In fact this branch deals with all skin conditions and the treatment itself is closely related to the dermatology principles.

At Deva Clinique, hardware cosmetology allows removing pigment spots, overcoming cellulite, using all capabilities of cosmetology techniques for face rejuvenation and many other purposes. Generally, almost any skin defect can be corrected by one means or another.

Due to the deep delivery of therapeutic products into tissues the metabolic and regeneration processes are intensified. This returns the skin the condition it had a few years ago. So, biocurrent treatment is prescribed in case of acne as electric current not only eliminates the disease cause but also increases blood flow locally which leads to quick self purification of the skin.

Ultrasound methods act by similar principle because ultrasound fluctuations allow initiating the process of dissolution of deep pathologic disorders which then can be easily removed by a cosmetologist. Generally, hadrware cosmetology and biorevitalization have become the most popular services of Deva Clinique long ago.

What is important to know before the procedure?

Many patient think that cosmetology is absolutely safe and harmless branch of medicine. That is why they strive to perform as many procedures as possible at the earliest opportunity. Unfortunately, such belief is incorrect.

So, for example, there is a number of contraindications to such manipulations as they may be very harmful for a patient. They include the following:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Hematologic diseases;
  • Oncological diseases.

Therefore, one of the initial steps is a consultation with an expert. For sure you will hardly have a need to undertake an entire series of tests and examinations but an experienced specialist will definitely ask some questions to learn about a patient’s diseases.

Please remember that these steps are intended to protect your life and health so if a doctor has recommended you to give up the idea of undergoing this procedure you should follow this advice.

Why is it safe to undergo a procedure of hardware cosmetology at Deva Clinique?

Today thousands of health centers and companies operate in Ukraine and offer various services. Many patients are attracted by lower price of such services but in pursuit of low costs they forget about their own safety and health.

At Deva Clinique only true professionals work who have got their degrees in relevant fields. Hardware and other cosmetology procedures are performed only by dermatologists having at least the first qualification degree and a vast experience.

As mentioned above, prior to a treatment course an individual interview is held with each patient. During this interview a doctor learns about contraindications to one or another procedure. Because of such algorithm the number of complications observed during the provision of healthcare services equals to zero which is a great performance indicator for any clinic.

Besides, every doctor has special skills to perform a limited number of procedures which are included to his or her regular scope of work. This approach allows our specialists to gain a huge experience that guarantee precise following of all instructions and observation of protocols.

All these steps are necessary to ensure the safety of life and health of every our customer.

Importance of equipment

It is clear from its name that hardware cosmetology almost completely depends on the used equipment. Many clinics use obsolete equipment which is unable to ensure the quality of the performed manipulations.

Our clinic has the latest generation equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers at its disposal. The equipment we use in our work is available in our country in limited quantities because only the best health centers can afford it.

All our doctors are certified by western certification agencies which guarantee the highest level of education and expertise. Thousands of patients have made sure that our hardware cosmetology procedure really works properly.

If you are tired of ineffective cosmetology services, poor support services or obsolete equipment then Deva Clinique will be glad to have you among our patients. You can be sure that you will not be disappointed with our cosmetic aid.



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