Hydrodermaze (DMK) program

At Deva Clinique we offer the state-of-the-art developments in progressive acne therapy. For patients suffering from the severe form of this disease a special Hydrodermaze program was developed. This program allows achieving the treatment effect promptly. The program includes a number of step-by-step procedures: application of Retosin (retinol), Prozyme enzymatic peeling, use of AHA acids, Enzym Masque 1.

The problems Hydrodermaze (DMK) program can deal with:

By means of Hydrodermaze program our cosmetologists can solve such patients’ problems as:

  • Sebaceous glands function disorders leading to excessive production of sebum.
  • Thickening of the skin upper layer – hyperkeratosis.
  • Inflammatory processes.
  • Skin flora imbalance.

How is the treatment under Hydrodermaze (DMK) program carried out:

At our clinic the treatment under Hydrodermaze program includes several stages. The process is started directly with the deep cleansing of a patient’s skin. Then an enzymatic peeling is applied and covered with a warm compress which dissolves the dead cells and waste products of pathogenic microorganisms and toxins accumulated in sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

The next stage is application of the serum containing AHA fruit acids. This product makes the redundant fluid in the deep epidermis layers go up to the surface of the skin. So, waste and toxins are removed together with water.

Following that, a special mask Enzyme Masque 1 is applied. Its main goal is to restore the skin functions to the maximum extent. As soon as the skin functions are restored the skin condition is improved greatly. The enzyme mask supports the removal of waste, toxins and free radicals. The nutrients accessing deeply into skin cells stimulate metabolic processes, reinforce skin immunity, promote blood flow. In turn, it speeds up the oxygenation process.

In order to maintain the treatment effect and achieve the best result our cosmetologists recommend using a line for skin care at home provided under Hydrodermaze program. This line includes:

  • Skin cleanser.
  • Retosin pharmaceutical (for night use).
  • Betagen gel (for day use).
  • Mineral-herbal spray.
  • Acu cream.
  • A pharmaceutical product for water balance restoration.
  • UV-protection.

Additionally enzymes are prescribed to be taken as DMKefa+ capsules.

Procedure duration: 

A treatment course is intended for 12 weeks. The procedures take place once per week and last for one hour.

Result of Hydrodermaze (DMK) program procedures:

Making use of the whole complex of pharmaceuticals under the program helps supply the skin with all necessary micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. Water-lipid balance and lost functions are restored. After the whole treatment course patients admit that the final procedures help make the achieved results sustainable and reach the high treatment efficiency.

By treating acne according to Hydrodermaze program patients get rid of this disease for a long period or even forever. The skin becomes clean, flushing disappears, inflammatory processes subside. Our cosmetologists think that a complex approach combining clinical treatment with home care is crucial for this therapy.



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