Immunology laboratory

Main areas of the immunology laboratory’s activity:

At our laboratory we perform more than 200 types of immunology researches of various difficulty. The main activities of the laboratory are:

  • study of cellular and humoral immunity of our patients;
  • detection of HIV infection;
  • monitoring of the efficiency of medicinal therapy aimed at the immune system reinforcement;
  • detection of particular markers indicating the development of autoimmune and oncology diseases;
  • diagnostics of various infectious diseases via immonochemical and other types of laboratory tests.

Diseases detected by immunology laboratory:

Using modern technologies and state-of-the-art equipment the staff of our laboratory can help our patients study their immune status, diagnose blood oncology diseases (leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, multiple myeloma, etc.), timely identify a protein type in the acute phase of an inflammatory process, diagnose rare blood cell diseases, anemia. By means of hormonal studies our patients can get the information on the condition of the thyroid gland, pancreas and reproductive system. Our patients’ immune systems can be tested for parasitic, viral and bacterial infections. It is also possible to detect allergen-specific immunoglobulins to particular types of allergens, and carry out a comprehensive allergy diagnostics.

Which method is used for testing:

At our immunology laboratory we use specific interaction of antibodies and antigens, immunofluorescence and enzyme immunodetection assays, immunoblot.

The method involving interaction of antibodies and antigens allows detecting various infectious agent, identify the hormone concentration in the blood, type of protein, etc.

Immunofluorescence assay is based on the principle of staining of some antibodies by fluorescent substances. Further, their bonds with antigens are easily tracked using a fluorescence microscope.

Enzyme immunodetection assay involves quantitative assessment of antibodies and antigens. Their quantitative ratio in the body allows making certain conclusions about a patient’s condition.

Benefits of immunology laboratory:

The main benefits of our immunology laboratory are:

  • Quickly performed diagnostic tests.
  • Flexible discount system.
  • Personal manager support.
  • Free transportation of biologic material by a courier.

We guarantee complete safety and confidentiality of your test results stored in our database. By means of modern technologies and state-of-the-art equipment we can not only ensure the validity of each test but also verify its quality on several levels.

Equipment, requirements and standards of immunology laboratory:

In addition to the standard equipment our laboratory is provided with the equipment produced by the world’s leading manufacturers. We are proud of having hematology analyzers (USA), cytofluorometers (USA), Navius and Epics devices with a fully automated sample preparation system.

We have all necessary licenses to carry our medical diagnosis. We also comply with all regulations and requirements for the quality of laboratory procedures.

Which specific tests can be conducted at the immunology laboratory:

Besides the main types of immunology studies we develop  immunomodulatory therapy schemes with further selection of medicines, prepare individual immunocorrection programs. Along with it we conduct experimental researches with various cell cultures and their effect on the body.



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